Friday, December 4, 2009

Penguin Footprint Plates Playdate

Playdate Description:

Tis the season to start painting your little ones hands and feet for keepsakes as gifts for the grandparents...and for ourselves!

Bring a plate of your choice to this event and we'll create a very cute Penguin Footprint!

We found plain plates as well as a couple with seasonal borders at our local Dollar Store. These plates are purely decorational so please inform the reciepent to not use this in junction with food!
This is also a perfect craft for any of you moms with more then 1 or 2 kiddo's!

What you will need on hand or to ask the parents to bring:
  • A plate to decorate
  • Glitter Glue Pens in Red, Gree, and Orange- I've found these at Walmart, the Dollar Store, Michaels, and Target
  • Acrylic Paints in Black, White, and Orange - also found at Walmart, Dollar Store, Michaels, and Target. I use Folk Art.
  • Google eyes
  • Super Glue for the Google Eyes

*Tip: You will want to start this craft immediately to allow for drying between coats and to let the final touch of glitter glue to dry as well.

How to do this craft:

Step One: Paint your kiddo's foot black and make an impression onto the plate. You will most likely need to "fill in" some blank areas since our kids arches are perfect, unlike most of ours! Let the paint completely dry. This doesn't take too long.

Step Two: Using the white paint fill in an oblong circle to show the penguins tummy.

Step Three: While the white paint is out, dip the tip of your pinky in the white and create the brim of the penguins hat with your pinky impressions. Let completely dry.

Step Four: Glue on the googlie eyes.

Step Five: Using the orange glitter glue or paint, dry on a triangle beak. Let dry.

Step Six: Using the glitter glue, draw on a hat in whatever color you choose.

Step Seven: Using the glitter glue make any notes on the plate - Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, etc....

Here is an example of footprints on a plate minus the border:

I saw this idea on a friends blog who also has a ton more fun ideas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Create Your Own Snow Globe Playdate

Description of Playdate:
Who can resist shaking a snow globe? My kids surely can't!

Due to my kids love of shaking these containers I'm suggesting we do something a bit more sturdy then the basic glass baby jars. Bring a fun plastic container to convert into a big snow globe!

*We found ours at the local Dollar Store - they had tons of varieties to choose from.

We also found a 4 pack of ornaments that will fit perfectly in the container as well as some glitter to use as snow.

Cost of craft $4

How to make inexpensive snow globes

What you’ll need to have on hand for the moms or ask them to bring with them:
  • Decorative plastic container - We found ours at the Dollar Store
  • Small ornaments - We found a 4 pack at the Dollar Store as well
  • You can use super glue, a hot glue gun, or aquarium sealant
  • Glitter to resemble snow
  • Glitter for the floor covering
  • *If you wish to personalize any of the ornaments, bring a waterproof pen

How to make this craft:

Step One:
Clean out the container and decide the placement of the ornaments.

Step Two:
Apply your glue to the bottom of the ornament and hold in its chosen place till dry. With super glue it took about 90 seconds. The bottom of the container I chose was not flat so I was very careful that all was fully dry and able to stand on its own. Continue to do this with any additional ornaments to be placed in the globe. We chose three.

Step Three:
Have the glitter you chose for the flooring open and ready for sprinkling. Apply glue to the bottom inside of the container then quickly sprinkle the glitter in. *If your using super glue, or any toxic glue for that matter, make sure your in a well ventilated area and do not get your face close to the opening. The chemicals are being increased in the container as the project progresses, a simple exhale from you sends all that right back to your face and eyes!

Step Four:
Fill the container with water.

Step Five:
Pour in the glitter you chose to use for snow. The amount depends on your preference. You can easily put in small amounts, put the lid on and shake to see if you at your desired level of “snow”.

Step Six:
Once you happy with the amount of snow in your container its time to seal it. Apply your glue of choice to the entire rim and place the lid on. Let dry.
It doesn't take long to dry so this a craft the kids can take home with them!
*If your using super glue, or any toxic glue for that matter, make sure your in a well ventilated area and do not get your face close to the opening. The chemicals are being increased in the container as the project progresses, a simple exhale from you sends all that right back to your face and eyes!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Handprint Snowman Ornament Playdate

This is going to be a great
holiday tradition!

When picking out your ornament to decorate, remember your kiddos handprint will be on it so make sure the texture is smooth and a solid color.

Ornaments can be found at Dollar Stores and major retailers.

We'll spray it with a sealant so it'll be a bit more hardy to water and such.

Supplies you'll need:
Solid color ornament (plastic is safer if you can find it)
White tempura paint
Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue tempura paints.
Sharpe pen or permanent black marker
Ornament hanger to let hang while drying

Step 1
Dip your child's hand in white paint. Let them grip the ball then release. Let completely dry.

Step 2
You can be as creative as you'd like with decorating the snow people. I like alot of colors so I make each scarf a different color and alternate the colors of buttons.

Step 3
Using your permanent marker, draw on a top hat, coal eyes, button mouth or a big smile, and stick arms.

Step 4
Using the permanent marker or a glitter glue pen, personalize with the year, name of kiddo, or and season greeting.

I found some big plastic ornaments at the local Dollar Store that all 3 kids could fit a handprint on! We make one for each set of grandparents for Christmas gifts.

Tempura is washable so if you need to wipe off a print when your kiddo couldn't resist playing with the fun texture of paint and the gloss ball - you can as many times as you need to! With my toddlers and baby I let them get the squishies out of their system before I do the real print, I have a wet towel on hand for when they're done and clean up the ball. Then its just a quick grab of the ball and their done!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Polar Express & PJ's Playdate!

Since the twins were 2 years old they've been addicted to the movie The Polar Express. Get the kids together to wear their favorite PJ's, watch this fun movie, drink Hot Chocolate, and PLAY!

What this event includes:
  • Potluck breakfast items - toddler friendly. *Make sure to ask the moms to inform the group of any food allergies.
  • Request the kiddos wear their favorite PJ's
  • Have The Polar Express book on hand to read to the group.
  • Enough mugs for the kids to have hot chocolate.
  • Print out Golden Tickets for the kids as they walk in the door.
  • Have a couple train whistles on hand for the kids to play with.
  • Host your cookie exchange at this playdate.
  • Hand out bell necklaces - we found our at the Dollar Store.